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About Us

Vision | Mission | Values

"To be highly equipped with innovative technology that establishes findings in aviation accidents and incidents and to have a regularly trained team of investigators that implore integrity and aviation safety culture for investigations in PNG and the Pacific."

"To improve aviation safety by conducting no-blame safety investigations to establish the causes of accidents and serious incidents, and to communicate its findings and recommendations through public reports which comply with the requirements of ICAO."


The AICs values are:

Accountability - For the way we conduct our investigations, findings, and recommendations.

Respect - Committed to treating all with who interact with us with courtesy and consideration.

Integrity - We are guided by honesty and accountability for our actions and decisions.

Competence - Ensure that we adopt a learning culture and maintain a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of professionals through capacity building and good governance.

Fairness - Treat all individuals and organisations equally.

Safety - Promote a culture of aviation safety in all that we do.






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