About Us


Welcome to our Website.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Papua New Guinea Accident Investigation Commission’s Website.

We are a newly established statutory body  created under the Civil Aviation Act 2000 Part xiii and are committed to enhancing aviation Safety in PNG. We conduct independent investigations of Civil aircraft accidents and serious incidents.

From these investigations we determine the cause(s) of this accidents and serious incidents and make safety reccomendations to prevent similar accidents and serious incidents from occuring in the future. The outcomes of the PNG AIC Investigations is primarily for the enhancement of aviation safety and not to be used to apportion blame or liability.

PNG AIC employs very skilled investigators who come from a range of professional backgrounds which include pilots, LAME’S, Air Traffic Controllers and have gained significant experience in their respective disciplines.

PNG AIC’s support staff include Legal ,IT, Personnel Officers, Accountants, clerks and security personnel.

The PNG AIC Investigators and support staff have undergone intensive training with the Australian Transport Safety Bereau (ATSB) in Canberra and other internationally reconginized training institutions to equip them with the necessary skills required to conduct independant accident investigations in PNG and if required overseas.

The PNG AIC website is now up and running and we have posted all completed reports ,recommendations and preliminary reports on the website.

We now have a 24 hour notification hotline which you could notify us of any accidents or serious incidents that you are aware/know of. The numbers are 323 2911/323 2184.

I hope you find what you’re after on our website. If you don’t and do have further queries, please
Email us on info@aic.gov.pg

On behalf of my staff and I, we  look forward to working with you all in promoting safe practices and enhancing aviation safety within the aviation industry.

Safe flying!

Mr.David Inau
Chief Executive Officer
PNG Accident Investigation Commission.






Call us 323 2911 or
email: infor@aic.gov.pg