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Mr. Dean Kuri - CEO

Mr. Dean Kuri
Chief Executive Officer
I am pleased to announce that following the gazette for the PNG AIC Chief Executive Officer position, I commenced CEO duties on 14 January 2019.
Two new Commissioners; Captain Aria Bouraga and Captain Andui M Koralyo joined the AIC Board in November 2018. Both are experienced airline pilots who will bring aircraft operational experience to the Board and the Organisation, in supporting  our Chief Commissioner, Mr. Hubert Namani, LLB.

I have joined the AIC team at a time of exciting growth both in human resources, our people, and technical resources. In November 2018 the AIC recruited a number of new investigators. There is now a team of eleven investigators and one investigation support officer, four of whom are women with significant experience in the aviation industry. The AIC investigation team now includes capability in Flight  Operations, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Flight Recorder Replay and Analysis, Air Traffic Services, Cabin Safety, and Safety Management Systems and Human Factors. The achievements of the AIC team to bring the AIC to a point of strong leadership in the Pacific Region is indeed impressive.  My first two weeks at the AIC was spent “in class” undergoing Investigation Basics and Report Writing training. This was a time of learning new things, which is so important as I oversee the AICs investigation capability. It was also a great time of interaction with the AICs new investigators, two CASA officers from Republic of Vanuatu, and Safety Quality staff from PNG operators and PNGDF.
The Investigation Division is well placed to meet PNG and international obligations. I am pleased that the AIC is in the advanced stages of formulating Memorandums of Understanding with a number of PNGs Regional neighbour States.
The AIC relocated to a new office space at the beginning of 2017 which is in excellent condition and it creates an environment to high standards of output. The first half of 2019 will see exciting technical developments in our capability with the introduction of an engineering workshop and new state of the art flight recorder download, replay and analysis hardware and software. This will ensure that the PNG AIC keeps pace with technological advancements in the aviation industry.
My key focus will be on the AICs overall capabilities, including the ability of our organisation to provide appropriate corporate support to the Investigation Division and the Board. The AIC is a small team and total commitment is required. Strong ethics, high integrity and sober habits are key personal qualities that I and the Board require of all AIC staff.
I am committed to ensuring the AIC team members are equipped to carry out their investigation and investigation support tasks. This will be achieved through specific training aimed at meeting the AICs core objectives and mandate. A balance of time to undergo training and conduct the core business will inevitably be needed, and together with the management team, I will aim to manage this balance effectively.
To our colleagues in the aviation industry, I issue an open invitation to you to visit our office and meet the team.






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